The seminar will cover how to significantly reduce losses and work towards consistent growth, how to manage their own assets, observe and assess market developments familiarising you with the tools to manage wealth in the 21st century. Join an intimate group of like-minded individuals who are on a journey to deepen their individual financial knowledge and gain insight into and understanding of the family dynamics of investment portfolios.

This specialist executive education course is delivered by GISMA Business School in partnership with Berlin Capital Club and awarded by Krabe Academy. Join us for an exciting, engaging and transformational session.

Who is the programme for?

In an ever changing world of today where fortunes are gained and lost in a day it is imperative to have the right tools to ensure you and your family make the right financial decisions to retain and increase your wealth. Whilst there are professionals who can advise you it is important for you to have the understanding and tools to ensure you make the right decisions. This two day seminar will provide you with just that.

How will you learn?

You will learn through interactive presentations, case studies, best practices, trade simulations, coaching, debate and group work. 

By the end of the seminar you will have the skills and tools to assess the right projects and portfolios, providing you with greater independence and a proactive risk management.

Modules overview

Day 1: Understanding financial markets and your personal investment style 

  • Module 1: Financial markets, financial players, financial products, financial planning
  • Module 2: Information gathering, macro economics, geopolitical analysis, market analysis 
  • Module 3: Technical analysis, fundamental analysis, risk management, investment styles 
  • Module 4: Personal risk preferences, building portfolios, structuring portfolios, taking control 

Day 2: Investment strategy, building scenarios, designing the optimal portfolio mix and taking control

  • Module 5: Setting financial goals, personal ambitions, strategy and boundaries
  • Module 6: Building your own marketing scenarios, assessment of your portfolio and asset mix 
  • Module 7: Being able to ask the right questions and taking control of your wealth management 
  • Module 8: Mirroring your ideas and learning how to stay in control, creating your own portfolio structure, proactively manage your risk                         

Course tutors 

These exclusive Wealth Management Seminars are in high demand and have taken place in Dubai, Amsterdam, London, New York and Johannesburg taught by Simon Meijlink who has been a hedge fund trader/manager for fifteen years and has globally trained and consulted high net wealth individuals and organisations and Roy Kramer who has a background in accountancy, law and mediation and has been the director of executive education and the centre for private wealth management for over 10 years. Roy is the founding father of Krabe Academy and Family Partners and is passionate about helping HNWI’s and wealthy families to get control over their own investments and wealth.

Fees and funding

Workshop fee - €3,850

Take control and manage your portfolio proactively

  • Full-time
  • Berlin
  • 2 days
  • TBC
  • € 3850 per course


Each participant is given a knowledge test, an assessment and personal coaching

Small class size

In order to guarantee interaction and optimal guidance, the maximum group size is 20


Coaching by an international independent expert team


Tailor-made based on level, experience and portfolios of participants

"I chose GISMA because it is a very international business school, with alumni, worldwide"

Peiyi Zhang - China, Msc Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship

"Grenoble Ecole de Management is one of the most highly qualified institutes and they have so many accreditations as well"

Ankit Gupta - India, Msc Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship

"Tutors come from all around the world and their expertise makes subjects very easy to follow"

Akhil Jacob - India, MIB

"Everyone is international, so you learn a little bit about them, and their countries and traditions"

Kimberly Garza - Mexico, Msc Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship