University Pathway Programme

Study a German language programme and receive specialist support with your application to German state universities/studienkollegs

With the University Pathway Programmes at GISMA Language School, you get the chance to learn German in a German-speaking environment and reach the required level with the necessary skills to study a degree programme in Germany.

With its specialist University Placement Service, GISMA helps students to apply to several German state universities for either bachelors or masters programmes through one provider. Also, this placement service helps students with direct university access and to public Studienkolleg foundation courses for students with indirect university access.

Students receive full guidance with regards to the application process, the required documents and any other information up to the moment when an offer letter from the chosen German university/Studienkolleg is issued.

How does the University Pathway Programmes work?

The University Pathway Programmes are designed to prepare you for independent academic study at a German-speaking university/Studienkolleg, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Guidance on the application process and help to apply for up to five German state universities/Studienkollegs are included. GISMA has a full-time specialist consultancy service, helping you with every step of your studies. You will learn what courses universities offer and will be guided by advisors as to the documentation you need and which procedures to follow.

Stages of the programmes

  1. Enrol: enrol onto the programme
  2. Study*: levels from A1 to C1**
  3. Tests:
    - TestDAF: with the UPP Pathway University + DHS/TELC/TestDaF Preparation, you will get prepare for your test.
    - Studienkolleg entrance exams: this includes preparation for the math and German exams.
  4. Placement: once you pass your test, work with our placement service officer to get into a German university
  5. Acceptance: receive an offer from a German university

*The programme is suitable for students of all German-language levels, including the absolute beginners.
**According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) framework, language proficiency is measured from A1 to C2 levels. You need to complete the C1 level for the UPP Pathway University + DHS/TELC/TestDaF Preparation and the UPP Pathway University. For the UPP Pathway Studienkolleg, you will need to complete Level B2.

Why Germany
  • In Germany, international students have an opportunity to study their bachelor’s or master’s degree for free*** in one of many state universities across the country.
  • Due to the thriving economy and job market, the country offers excellent career opportunities for skilled professionals after graduation.
  • Germany is the most popular option for international students looking to study in Europe*. It is recognised for its high-quality education and you can experience this with GISMA.
  • Germany has the 2nd best unemployment rate in the EU, at 3.4%**
  • 4th Best Graduate starting salary at £40,650 in Europe^, with a growing economy

*According to statistics and data from ICEF monitor
^Business Insider

Additional (free of charge) services
GISMA also provides students with other assistance during their studies. These services include:

  • Placement test (before the commencement of the studies)
  • Accommodation* search assistance
  • Visa application assistance
  • Social programmes with many activities and excursions

*Please note: Accommodation fees are not included in the University Pathway Programmes tuition fees and will be charged separately. GISMA assists students with the search for suitable accommodation options.

Cost of living and accommodation

We have estimated the cost of living as a student in Berlin and Hannover. Please note that these are average estimates only – your experiences may vary.


  • Rent - €420 / €600
  • Food - €200 / €300
  • Books - €20 / €40
  • Public transportation - €45 / €75
  • Telephone, internet - €40 / €60
  • Health (Health insurance, medication, consultations) - €45 / €55
  • Other - €80 / €120

The total cost of living: €850 / €1250


  • Rent - €320 / €500
  • Food - €200 / €300
  • Books - €20 / €40
  • Public transportation - €45 / €75
  • Telephone, internet - €40 / €60
  • Health (Health insurance, medication, consultations) - €45 / €55
  • Other - €80 / €120

The total cost of living: €750 / €1150

 *GISMA created this table for you to have a reference based on our experience and students feedback.

UPP: Pathway Studienkolleg

You will study 44 weeks of German language classes: 32 weeks of language classes (A1– B2 levels) + 4 free weeks of level-specific exam preparation (1 week at the end of A1 – B2 levels) + 4 weeks of Studienkolleg preparation Math + 4 weeks of Studienkolleg preparation German

  • Level A1: Beginner (8 weeks + 1 free week level exam preparation)
  • Level A2: Elementary (8 weeks + 1 free week level exam preparation)
  • Level B1: Intermediate (8 weeks + 1 free week level exam preparation)
  • Level B2: Upper Intermediate (8 weeks + 1 free week exam preparation)
  • Studienkolleg preparation: this includes preparation for the Math and German exams (4 weeks each)
UPP: Pathway University

You will study 48 weeks of German language classes: 40 weeks of language classes (A1– C1 levels) + 4 free weeks of level-specific exam preparation (1 week at the end of A1- B2 levels) + 4 free weeks of DHS/TELC/TestDaf exam preparation

  • Level A1: Beginner (8 weeks + 1 free week level exam preparation)
  • Level A2: Elementary (8 weeks + 1 free week level exam preparation)
  • Level B1: Intermediate (8 weeks + 1 free week level exam preparation)
  • Level B2: Upper Intermediate (8 weeks + 1 free week exam preparation)
  • Level C1: Advance (8 weeks) + exam preparation for DHS/TELC/TestDaF (4 weeks)


For more specific information about dates, check the calendars:

Gabriel Serrano, Mexico

Hear from Gabriel Serrano, a student from Mexico, and why he chose to study the University Pathway Programme at GISMA in Hannover.

Sharon Treasa Yeldo, India

Sharon Treasa Yeldo is from India and is participating in the University Pathway Program. If you are from India, watch why study abroad with GISMA is a great choice.

Feruza Bahktiyorova, Uzbekistan

Feruza is from Uzbekistan and is participating in the University Pathway Program. She loves the peaceful feel of Hannover and its friendly residents. Learn more about the varied learning experience by watching the video!

Adrian Verdejo, Mexico

Adrian is from Mexico and is studying at GISMA. He always dreamt of studying abroad and was recommended GISMA by a friend. Adrian currently resides in Hannover. Watch the video to learn more about his experiences.

Arlene Moreno, Panama

Arlene hails from Panama. Learn what she loves most about Hannover and all the helpful local amenities by watching the video now!

Shakhrom from Dushanbe, Tadjikistan

The German course was excellent. I reached level B2.2 within 9 months. I enjoyed the course very much! If you had any questions they were always very helpful. They also helped us when we needed support regarding organizational matters. The school provided organized social activities who took us out to see and get to know the city better and showed us the attractions of the city. I am very grateful for the teachers and the staff members particularly for giving me the possibility to learn the language so quickly.

A big help reaching my goals was the University Placement Service. I have received incredible support with all my Studienkolleg and university applications. The University Placement Service Team is very experienced with applications at Studienkollegs and universities all over Germany. It helped me to apply successfully for a Bachelor program in Mechanical Engineering at various Universities and helped me to get my acceptance at all of them.

Maria from Valencia, Venezuela

It was a very wonderful and productive experience. I reached the level of German that I needed in order to get accepted for a Master program in Industrial Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Stralsund.

The teachers are amazing. They helped me to adapt to Germany and the German culture so much. They made my stay here so much easier. The School helped me with everything from doctor’s appointments to administrational matters and to adapt to the life here in Germany.

The University Placement Service in particular helped me a lot with pursuing my academic goals. They were very helpful with the applications at universities so that I got accepted at a Master program.

I am very grateful for this wonderful experience and that I met not only professionals but that I found also good friends! I am grateful that I had the chance to get to know great people and a great culture.

Sharon Treasa Yeldo

We are pretty much a family now, we were introduced through the social programmes, and we are really good friends now. After my University Pathway Programme, I am hoping to complete my Studienkolleg and get into university. Berlin is a beautiful city, there is a saying: Berlin is not a city, it's a feeling. It's the best place for students. 

Tuition fee:

  • UPP Pathway Studienkolleg:  €9,950
  • UPP Pathway University: €10,950

The tuition fee includes:

  • A free placement service**
  • Free level exam retakes - if a student failed a level exam, he/she can resit it for free. One free retake for each level.
  • Accommodation search assistance
  • Visa application assistance
  • Social programmes

Please note: any fee incurred during the university application process by a third party is not included in the University Pathway Programmes. The programme fee does not include extra charges from universities and UniAssist, authorities or other service providers, which are charged for the processing of the applications and/or formal recognition or translation of required documents. The programme fee does not include the TestDaf registration fee.

*Fees are subject to change  **Usual fee for the university application service: €500.

Gisma - Business School

Career statistics you need to know

Gisma - Business School



Germany has the 2nd best unemployment rate in the EU, at 3,4%*

Gisma - Business School



Berlin was voted 5th best city in the world for student living by Top Universities***

Gisma - Business School



4th Best Graduate starting salary at £40,650
in Europe**, with a growing economy

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  • € 9950 per course

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