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The Training and Consultancy Centre (TCC) at GISMA Business School Berlin gives students, business, and the local community direct access to leading academic resources at GISMA. GISMA Business School has established itself as a leading provider of academic education, specialising in finance, accounting, and economics, and offers a range of degrees as an awarding body, and through a network of partner universities. The TCC extends this excellence beyond academia, and into the real world to help clients and businesses increase their capability, tackle their greatest challenges, and accomplish their desired commercial objectives.

Who is the TCC for?

The GISMA TCC is designed for three specific groups: students, businesses, and the local community, and provides bespoke options for each. For students, the CTC creates co-curricular programmes to immerse them in real-life experiences. For businesses, the TCC provides high quality consulting and training services. For the local community, the TCC provides professional training and educational services that aim at spreading knowledge in the areas of finance, accounting, and economics.

How can you access TCC services?

Students, partners, and clients that use TCC services will have access to GISMA and GISMA Partner University Academics, course materials, and campus resources. The training courses will be delivered either online or on campus. Consultancy services can be delivered in a format that is mutually agreed between GISMA and the client. Our objective is to meet your needs and provide academic excellence in a flexible format.

What services are offered?

GIMSA Business School students are able to add real-life projects to the academic curriculum through the Training and Consultancy Centre. Students can complete courses and be awarded additional professional certificates. While preparing for academic exams, students can also register for an extra professional exam – or certificate to get an additional professional certificate. Accordingly, students will finish their study and will not only get a master’s degree but also a set of professional certificates, making you stand out in the competitive job market.

TCC offers Professional Training Programmes designed and offered by GISMA, locally and internationally, which can be delivered online, with corporate partners, or on campus in Berlin. The range of courses available include modules allowing students and partners to study at their own pace, courses designed by GISMA’s corporate partners, or programmes that will provide students and partners with professional certificates.

Consultancy is the most bespoke service offered by TCC. Our clients start by completing a questionnaire which will help our team of academics get a clear overview of what objectives need to be achieved. This will often be followed by a site visit, to get to know you better as a client, and understand the desired outcome in more detail. Our academics will then work on a roadmap to transform the organisation which is likely to include intensive practice-oriented training and coaching. If required, we will provide consultancy and guidance for the implementation of the roadmap. Finally, we will execute the programme, evaluate, and provide feedback for ongoing success.

“Tutors come from all around the world and their expertise makes subjects very easy to follow”. Akhil Jacob – India, MIB

The Training and Consultancy Centre at GISMA offers different services and support depending on the requirement of the student, client, or partner. The following are examples of some of the training programmes available.

Training Overview:

Professional Training Programmes designed and offered by GISMA, locally and internationally, have a number of different benefits:

  • Increase employability
  • Gain a Competitive Advantage
  • Build Professional Credibility
  • Increase Earning Potential
  • Expand Knowledge and Skills
  • More valuable within your company
  • Give leverage if you are unhappy with your company

Professional Training Programmes give the option to complete a Professional Certificate, including the following.

Professional Certificates in Finance & Accounting:

  • Financial Forensics and Fraud Investigation
  • Financial Risk Analytics & Management
  • Finance for Non-Executives: Managing for Value creation
  • Fintech: Business Models & Applications
  • Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis
  • Wealth Management
  • Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
  • Global Financial Compliance
  • Financial Crime, AML and Cyber-Security
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Accounting Software DATEV
  • Accounting in the German Context
  • New Financing Models in a Changing World
  • Investment Banking & Advisory, Asset Management and Structured Products
  • Corporate Governance and Board Effectiveness

Professional Certificate in Business Analytics and Management: 

  • Innovation Project Management and Competitive Intelligence
  • Digital Supply Chain Management
  • HR Analytics
  • Business Process Management - Digital Transformation
  • Business Analytics for Leaders
  • Data Management and Cyber Security
  • Business Analytics & Digital Marketing
  • Business Analysis and Entrepreneurship
  • Creating Value AI and Big data
  • Decision-Making and Creative Problem Solving
  • Emotional Intelligence and leadership
  • Methodology for Business Enquiry, Analysis, Diagnosis and Intervention
  • Emerging Digital Technologies and their Application
  • Python Programming 
  • Agile/Scum/Cyber Security and Entrepreneurship for Management in a Digital Age
  • Digital Marketing, Business Development and Startup
  • Negotiation Mastery

Course Tutors

The Training and Consultancy Centre at GISMA Business School provides students, clients, and partners access to Academic Professionals from GISMA and GISMA Partner Universities. All institutions strive to achieve academic excellence, and have specific experience in finance, accounting, and economics.

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Fees and funding

Based on the nature of the services available, the fees will vary depending on the course. Please contact us at for more information and to discuss options available to you.

Entry requirements

TCC courses and services vary, some courses require at least 1-2 years of experience. Please contact us for more information.

The contact person for this course is Prof. Dr. Ahmad Abu-Alkheil, Head of TCC. Please contact for more information at:

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GISMA Academics will work with you to reach desired objectives


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