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The Benefits of Studying a BSc in International Business Management in Germany

Read this blog article to know the benefits of studying a bachelor's in international business management in Germany.

Germany is a widely known academic destination for international students seeking quality education in business management. The country houses some of the best universities, with programmes that prepare graduates for successful careers in international business management.

A BSc in International Business Management is a degree that equips graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the global marketplace. 

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What is a BSc in International Business Management? 

BSc International Business Management is a bachelor’s degree that prepares students for a career in the global business world. The programme typically covers diverse topics, including economics, finance, marketing, management, and international trade.

Students who enrol in an International Business Management course will gain a broad understanding of the global business environment and the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in various business roles. They can also specialise in international marketing, supply chain management or finance.

The programme typically takes three to four years to complete and may include internships or other practical training opportunities. BSc International Business Management graduates are well-prepared for careers in multinational corporations, consulting firms, non-profit organisations, and other types of international businesses. They may work in roles such as international marketing managers, global supply chain managers or financial analysts.


Why you should study BSc International Business Management?

If you want to begin a career in international business, choosing to study a BSc International Business Management degree can be an excellent decision. This degree provides students with a diverse skill set that can be used in various business roles. 

Here are a handful of reasons why you should consider a career in international business:

  1. Getting a global perspective

Studying international business will help you develop a broad perspective on the global economy and how businesses run across diverse cultures and countries. You will learn about business practices, laws, and regulations in various parts of the world. 

This knowledge can be invaluable for those who want to work in multinational corporations, non-profit organisations, or government agencies.

  1. Increasing your employability

Employers are eager to seek out graduates of BSc International Business Management because of the broad skills they acquire. This makes them attractive candidates for a wide range of business roles. 

In addition to business knowledge, graduates will also possess skills in effective communication, problem-solving, and cross-cultural skills. These business management skills are highly valued by employers, particularly those who operate in the global market.

  1. Expanding your business knowledge

Studying international business will give you a solid foundation in key business concepts such as finance, marketing, and supply chain management. You will also learn about the unique challenges and opportunities of doing business in various parts of the world. This knowledge can help you become a well-rounded business professional who can navigate the complexities of the global market.

Overall, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in International Business Management can be an excellent way to take your career to the next level. 

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Why Study International Business Management in Germany?

Germany can be an excellent choice if you want to pursue international business management. Here are some of the top reasons why:

  1. Top-notch education

Germany has provided some of the world's most prestigious universities which are known for their high-quality education and research. Universities in Germany are recognised for their rigorous academic programmes and are highly respected in the educational field. Many of these universities also offer international business management programmes specifically tailored to the global market's needs.

  1. Affordable cost of education

In comparison to other study destinations, Germany offers a relatively affordable cost of education. Tuition costs of management universities  in Germany are comparatively lower for domestic and international students than in other countries, and the cost of living is also relatively low.

  1. One-of-a-kind experiences

Studying international business management in Germany can be an enriching experience. Germany is a traditionally rich country with a diverse population and a fascinating history. Students can immerse themselves in German culture, learn a new language, and make lifelong connections with people worldwide.

  1. Numerous scholarships

Many scholarships are available for international students who wish to study in Germany, making it an even more affordable choice. Many of these scholarships are merit-based and can cover tuition fees, living expenses, and other costs associated with studying in Germany.

  1. Always in demand

International business management professionals are always in demand and Germany is no exception. With its strong economy and many international corporations, Germany offers opportunities for those with a degree in international business management. Graduates can pursue careers in international marketing, supply chain management, and finance.

  1. Transferable skills

The benefit of studying international business management in Germany is that it provides students with transferable skills that can be applied to various business roles. These skills include cross-cultural communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, and leadership. 

These skills are highly valued by employers in the global market, making graduates of international business management programmes in Germany highly competitive in the job market.


What can you do with a BSc International Business Management degree?

You can take many paths with this degree, and the possibilities are endless. Here are some of the most popular career options for graduates with a Bachelor of Science in International Business Management.

  1. Business Analyst

As a business analyst, you will identify business needs and solve problems. Your job will involve analysing data and creating reports to help companies make informed decisions. A BSc International Business Management degree will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in this role.

  1. Marketing Manager

As a marketing manager, you will promote and sell products or services. You must be creative and strategic and have excellent communication skills. With this degree, you will have the foundational knowledge needed to succeed in marketing and be well-equipped to develop effective marketing strategies.

  1. Human Resources Manager

Human resources managers handle recruiting, training, and managing employees. They also develop policies and procedures to ensure that the organisation operates smoothly. A BSc in International Business Management will equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in human resources management.

  1. Financial Analyst

As a financial analyst, you will analyse financial data to help companies make informed decisions. You must have excellent analytical skills and be comfortable working with numbers. A degree in international business management will give you the foundational knowledge needed to succeed in this role.

  1. International Business Consultant

If you are interested in working with global companies, consider a career as an international business consultant. In this role, you will guide and advise companies looking to expand into international markets. By studying international business management, you will have the knowledge and skills necessary to help companies navigate the complexities of international business.

Whether you are interested in marketing, finance, human resources, or international business, this degree can provide the foundational knowledge needed to succeed in various industries. 

The possibilities are endless if you are considering pursuing an international business management degree. 

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Frequently asked questions:

  1. Is it a good idea to study business management in Germany?

Yes, absolutely! Business management is a highly respected degree in Germany with many opportunities for graduates in various industries. 

Germany is widely popular for its robust economy and it’s where many of the world's leading companies are headquartered. So there are many opportunities for business graduates in Germany, with a wide range of industries to choose from.

  1. What are the benefits of studying international business management?

One of the most important benefits of studying international business management is that it gives students a global perspective. Students learn about diverse cultural practices, economies, and regulatory environments, which is essential for anyone who wants to work in an international business setting. 

It also opens many career opportunities as multinational corporations and international organisations regularly seek graduates with an international business management degree.

  1. Is an international management degree worth it?

Yes! Pursuing an international management degree provides you with ample networking opportunities. You get to interact with students from different countries, which ultimately lets you develop a global network of contacts.

  1. Why should I choose GISMA to study BSc International Business Management?

GISMA provides every skill you need to build a successful business career, from international business laws to international management strategies and cross-cultural communication.

You will also have the opportunity to spend a semester abroad in one of the international cities of London, Shanghai, and Singapore during an internship or business project and work with global companies so that you will be ready to kick-start your career as soon as you graduate.


This article is written by Sushree Saloni Rath.

26 April, 2023