Best Business Courses to take in 2019

With time, business courses have evolved to include new domains of specialisation, which no one expected, and have started gaining massive popularity. Well, here are some of the latest niche courses that will take the world by storm in 2019.

If you are someone who has an interest in learning about human behaviour and also helping other people succeed, then doing a Bachelor of Human Resource Management and Psychology is definitely a suitable choice for you.

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Human Resource Management and Psychology BA (Hons)

If you are someone who has an interest in learning about human behaviour and also helping other people succeed, then doing a Bachelor of Human Resource Management and Psychology is definitely a suitable choice for you. In the domain of human resources, psychology is important for several reasons such as

  • Psychology plays a critical role in recruitment, handling employee disputes or in taking disciplinary action.

There are several reasons for studying this course including:

  • Employee satisfaction: After completing this course, this would be one of the major responsibilities that you would be given in an organisation. Being in charge of employee satisfaction would entail setting up focus groups, interviews and surveys to ascertain the happiness of your employees. If some employees are not happy, you would need to find the cause of the unhappiness and alleviate it.
  • Conflict resolution: Conflict in the workplace can be considered to be inevitable as employees have different personalities and lifestyles. When you study human resources management, you will be taught how to handle and resolve such conflicts in a professional manner.
  • Reduce employee turnover: High employee turnover is something that hurts every organisation. If you aim to be a Human Resource Manager after completing the course, you would be responsible for hiring appropriate people for roles, thus reducing employee turnover. While interviewing candidates, you should ensure that they have the required skillset and that they possess the attitude to adjust to the organisation’s work culture.
  • Training and development: A Human Resource Manager is also responsible for holding assessments for employees to assess the skills that need improvement, which can be done through training and development programmes. This also helps increase employee loyalty and decreasing employee turnover.

Upon completion of a human resource management degree with psychology, you can obtain the following jobs:

  • Human Resources Manager;
  • Mental Health Advisor;
  • Recruitment Specialist;
  • Social Worker;
  • Administrative Services Manager;
  • Human Resources Planning Officer;
  • Social and Community Service Manager.

Business (Tourism) BA (Hons)

If you are interested in working for major tourist attractions such as Louvre, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Madame Tussauds and the likes, but also have a soft spot for management?

If that is the case, this undergraduate course is tailor-made for you.

This course will equip you with inside knowledge and professional skills required in the tourism industry. It would include various facets of the tourism industry and how to handle famous tourist attractions like Herrenhausen Gardens, Marienburg Castle and Staatsoper Hannover in Hannover; The Brandenburg Gate, If these are not interesting enough reasons to convince you to study this course, maybe the following might:

  • Development of crucial communication skills: Drafting a convincing report or presenting a pitch or even writing an email — all of these require excellent communication skills. Hence, while you are studying this course, you will get opportunities to hone your communication skills while interacting with fellow students, creating reports or presenting assignments.
  • Creative field: Tourism is such a field that requires you to be creative and think on your feet. You are responsible for ensuring that people have a great experience, and you may require your creative skills to make it happen.
  • A wide range of opportunities: The skills that you will grasp in this course are transferable, enabling you to work anywhere across the world, even more so if you wish to combine these skills with travel.
  • Marketing 101: This tourism management course will equip you with marketing knowledge and skills that you would be able to use in your future career.
  • Scope: Studying tourism management opens up a great number of varied job opportunities for you such as tourist guide, travel consultant, event manager and tour manager.

Some subjects in the tourism course include understanding tourism environment, issues in tourism management, sustainable tourism management and international destination management.

Business (Marketing) BA (Hons)

A bachelor’s degree in business marketing will help you understand the nitty-gritties of the business world while simultaneously providing you with specialist marketing knowledge. You will learn skills related to marketing strategy, marketing intelligence, marketing communications and marketing planning with a business perspective.

Take a look at some reasons as to why you should study this course:

  • You can combine courses: A marketing degree does not have to be limited, it can also include other streams and subjects, like business, in the case of this course.
  • Diverse career choice: Marketing is such a field in which you can take up a variety of roles. Enjoy interacting with customers? Sell products and services. Intrigued by the behaviour of consumers and research? Analyse consumer behaviour and carry out market research. The opportunities are endless, hence go dive into the pool to find your passion.
  • A balance between practical and theoretical learning: This course will provide you with the perfect balance between theoretical and practical learning. You will learn through case-studies that will provide you with skills to implement in the real world.
  • A wide range of subjects: Since it’s a course combining marketing and business management, you will get to learn a wide range of subjects like principles of marketing, introduction to finance, enterprise and entrepreneurship, strategic management, market intelligence, business analysis and international marketing.

If these courses interest you, GISMA Business School offers Human Resource Management and Psychology BA (Hons), Business (Tourism) BA (Hons) and Business (Marketing) BA (Hons). These three courses are some of the best business courses to take up as they include aspects of human resources, psychology, tourism, marketing and business.


11 January, 2019