University Pathway Programme

Study a 40-week German language programme and receive specialist support with your application to German state universities.

The University Pathway Programme by The Language Gallery at GISMA offers you:

  • 40 weeks: 32 weeks of language classes + 4 weeks of TestDaf preparation + 4 free weeks* of level exams preparation: 1 week after each level completed.
  • A free university placement service**, specialist consultancy support with student applications to German state universities
  • Free level exam retakes - if you fail a level exam, you can resit it for free. One free retake for each level
  • Perfect your German language skills and prepare to study a degree programme in a state university in Germany where the tuition is free*** of charge.
*Usual fee for 4 weeks tuition: €1000. **Usual fee for the university application service: €500. ***The semester fees (on average between €250-€450 per semester).

With the University Pathway Programme by The Language Gallery at GISMA students get a chance to learn German in a German speaking environment and reach the required level with the necessary skills to study a degree programme in Germany.

With its specialist University Placement Service, The Language Gallery at GISMA helps students to apply to a number of German state universities for either bachelors or masters programmes through one provider. Students receive full guidance with regards to the application process, the required documents and any other information up to the moment when an offer letter from the chosen German university is issued.

Why Germany?
  • In Germany, international students have an opportunity to study their bachelor’s or master’s degree for free*** in one of many state universities across the country.
  • Due to the thriving economy and job market, the country offers excellent career opportunities for skilled professionals after graduation.
  • Under new German immigration laws, international graduates of MBA and masters programmes in Germany are able to extend their stay in Germany for up to 18 months to seek employment.

You can choose from any of our two GISMA's locations in Germany.



  • EU’s second largest city
  • Excellent employment prospects
  • Reasonable cost of living in comparison to many other European cities
  • Attractive to international students pursuing an education abroad
  • Rich in culture, history and entertainment
  • Famous for its many flourishing tech companies and a growing number of start-ups and entrepreneurs


  • Exciting city that is home to five universities and several large brands, including Senheiser, Volkswagen and Deutsche Landesbank.
  • Reasonably priced living expenses
  • Plenty of transport links, offering quick connections to other German cities and beyond
  • International reputation as a trade fair and conference venue
How does the University Pathway Programme work?

This intensive programme is designed to prepare you for independent academic study at a German-speaking university, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. In addition, it will prepare you for TestDAF and includes a placement service, boosting your chances of successful application at your chosen institution or helping you choose the best university for your subject. Guidance on the application process and help to apply for up to five German state universities is included.


GISMA has a full time specialist consultancy service for its University Pathway Programme, helping you with every step of your studies. You will learn what courses universities offer, and will be guided by advisors as to what documentation you need and what procedures to follow.


Stages of the programme

  1. Enrol: enrol onto the programme
  2. Study*: study levels A1 to B2**
  3. Test: prepare for your test with our TestDAF preparation module
  4. Placement: once you pass your test, work with our placement service officer to get into a German university
  5. Acceptance: receive an offer from a German university

*The programme is suitable for students of all German language levels, including the absolute beginners.

**According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) framework, language proficiency is measured from A1 to C2 levels. Level B2 is a sufficient level required to apply for a degree programme in a German university.

Programme structure and duration

The full programme duration is 40 weeks (20 lessons per week)

The programme structure is split into levels as follows:

  • General German (level A1: Beginner) - 8 weeks
  • General German (level A2: Elementary) - 8 weeks
  • General German (level B1: Intermediate) - 8 weeks
  • General German (level B2: Upper Intermediate) - 8 weeks

Plus the German language test preparation:

  • TestDaf Preparation - 4 weeks
  • FREE 4 weeks of level exams preparation
Additional (free of charge) services

GISMA also provides students with other assistance during the course of their studies. These services include:

  • Placement test (before the commencement of the studies)
  • Accommodation* search assistance
  • VISA application assistance
  • Social programmes with many activities and excursions

*Please note: Accommodation fees are not included in the University Pathway Programme tuition fees and will be charged separately. GISMA assists students with the search of suitable accommodation options.

Cost of living and accommodation

GISMA assists its students with the search of suitable accommodation options. Accommodation fees are not included in the University Pathway Programme tuition fees and will be charged separately.

We have estimated the cost of living as a student in Berlin and Hannover. Please note that these are average estimates only – your experiences may vary.




Expenses Estimated amount per month
Rent € 420 - € 600
Food €200 - €300
Books €20 - €40
Public transportation €45 - €75
Telephone, internet €40-60
Health (health insurance, medication, consultations) €45-55
Other €80-120
Total Cost of Living €850 - €1250




Expenses Estimated amount per month
Rent €320 - €500
Food €200 - €300
Books €20 - €40
Public transportation €45 - €75
Telephone, internet €40 - 60
Health (health insurance, medication, consultations) €45 - 55
Other €80 - 120
Total Cost of Living €750 - €1150


 *Gisma created this table for you to have a reference based on our experience and students feedback.

Student progression

GISMA students have progressed to the following Universities and Studienkollegs:

  • Leibnitz Universität Hannover,
  • Hochschule Hannover,
  • Technische Universität Clausthal,
  • Hochschule Kiel,
  • Technische Hochschule Braunschweig,
  • Universität Hamburg,
  • Studienkolleg Hannover,
  • Studienkolleg Karlsruhe,
  • Studienkolleg Kaiserslautern.
  • Key facts
  • Fees and funding
  • Book a course
***with the exception of the semester fees, which are essentially the administrative charges and on average are between €250 - €450 per semester.

Key facts

Location: Hannover and Berlin, Germany

Start dates: Hannover: check calendar / Berlin: 8 May, 8 July and 4 Sept

Duration: 40 weeks (32 weeks of language classes + 4 weeks of TestDaf preparation + 4 weeks of free exam preparation)

Study-mode: Full-time

Intensity: 20 hours per week

Max students per class: 16 students

Fees: €6,500. Please contact GISMA advisor to find out more.

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University Pathway Programme Factsheet