Corporate Relations

By assisting companies in their search for talent and training specialists to enter the labour market, we help to support the recruitment challenges currently facing many German businesses.

Hiring our students - GISMA's services to employers:

GISMA Business School offers a variety of specialised recruiting services to companies searching for interns and international leaders:

  • We provide you with expert guidance to help you to find the most suitable recruits for your job and internship openings.
  • We guarantee that GISMA students bring years of professional experience from various sectors (economics, technology, engineering, computer science, etc.), alongside an outstanding knowledge in international business and leadership, to any roles they are hired into.

We are always keen to build long-term partnerships with employers in order to unite companies and students. At GISMA we offer many opportunities for you to increase your visibility and promote your brand to our students and alumni.


Our students have many years of work experience in various fields and are highly motivated to work in Germany after graduation. Moreover, our programmes, the International full-time MBA in particular, are structured to allow for German language courses and internships of up to six months in order to prepare international students for the German economy. This works to make our students industry ready, allowing you to feel confident when hiring a GISMA graduate.

Company Presentations

We host various company presentations, allowing one of your representatives to network with potential candidates, and raise awareness of your business. GISMA organises everything, from provision of rooms and catering, to the distribution of invitations and other required materials.

On-campus Interviews

GISMA's Careers Centre organises on-campus interviews on behalf of companies. This way company representatives can hold interviews for internships or regular positions with numerous candidates at the GISMA campus. We also carry out a pre-selection process, matching candidates to appropriate positions and providing companies with candidates’ job application documents.

Networking Events

GISMA’s networking events will allow you to get to know our students before you decide whether to hire them. During our workshops, company representatives and students work together on certain topics and develop new ideas in teams. This way, both parties can engage and interact with each other on a professional level. We organise every aspect, from the provision of rooms and catering, to the distribution of invitations and other required materials.

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