The Language Gallery in Hannover

In cooperation with The Language Gallery (TLG), the international language school, GISMA offers a number of language courses at its Hannover campus.

Having the necessary language skills will enable you to pursue job opportunities in Germany or elsewhere in Europe. As well as language courses, TLG offers the University Placement Service and a social programme for its students in Hannover.

University Placement Service

This is a specialist consultancy service with regards to choosing the right university and programme, understanding the admissions criteria and submitting the application for the chosen course of study. Participants will receive a personal university counselling service by appointment and will be given specific information on:

  • Studying at chosen universities in Germany
  • Courses and programme(s)
  • Entry requirements
  • Application procedures for specific programmes
  • Where to obtain more information about requested programmes

This service includes the assistance of our advisors with three to five applications for any chosen programmes in universities across Germany.

Social programme

Our social programme offers the opportunity to practice your German language skills whilst having fun and enjoying the numerous activities on offer. These include outings to various museums and exciting attractions throughout the city, as well as entertainment events such as the cinema, bowling and much more!

We also aim to offer on-campus events where you can socialise with your fellow classmates to learn more about different cultures and customs. If you have any ideas about any events you would like to hold or places you would like to visit, we will be happy to hear your suggestions.

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