While studying in Hannover, you have a number of accommodation options to choose from. The most popular options include: flat or house share and studio/flat rent.

GISMA provides students with information and consultation on the available accommodation options in Hannover. Please contact your GISMA consultant for more information.

Flat Share

With the flat share option you can choose between single, double or twin rooms. This is an amazing opportunity to share an apartment and your experience with other students from all over the world. Prices vary and are decided based on a number of factors, from location and size, to furnishings and set up.  The shared rooms start from € 380 per person/per month and from € 450 per month for a single room in a shared apartment.

Studio / Flat Rent

For students who prefer independence, we can help you find individual accommodation. Studio apartments are located all around Hannover, from Zone 1 (city centre) to Zone 4 (cheaper and towards the outskirts). Prices in central Hannover for a single room vary from €145 per week and from €95 per person, per week for a twin/double room (shared).

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